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Prevent the ‘Great Resignation’ at Your Company

On average, 4 million Americans are quitting their jobs each month in 2022! This trend is not limited to the United States alone. The pandemic, remote work and self-reflection led people to re-evaluate their priorities at work, and their life as a whole. The Microsoft Work Trend Index shows that more than 40% are considering…

Cristina Anselmo

Cristina Anselmo earned a BA in Theatre Arts at Santa Clara University and a post-graduate degree in Classical Acting, LAMDA. She was a member of the inaugural class of the Antaeus Academy under the direction of Jeanie Hackett and Dakin Matthews. Cristina has extensive training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance styles. Currently, she teaches for the Young Conservatory and Studio ACT divisions of American Conservatory Theatre, where she has taught acting technique, on-camera, and improvisation for the past 11 years. Learn more →

Rotimi Agbabiaka

Rotimi studied English, Economics, and Plan II and an MFA in Acting. He is an actor, writer, singer, director who has taught theatre and appeared on stage across California and primarily in San Francisco. His solo show Homeless won the award for Best Solo Performance at the SF Fringe. He performed role-play based HR training at top tech companies, portraying managers, co-workers, and prospective employees in management, recruitment, and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and well as medical roleplay. He is a regular roleplayer for Peers and Players. Learn more →

Stephen Scott Wormley

With a BA, Communication Studies, Theatre Arts, and Dance, he has worked extensively on and off Broadway. Stephen worked for The Environmental Protection agency as a communication program specialist and as a conversation specialist, breaking down effective conversation models and engaging in both scripted and bespoke roleplay. His roleplay clients include law firms, banking institutions financial companies, medical training and IT professionals. Learn more →

Gina Burgo

With a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, an actor, improviser and performer, Gina has worked as a narrator and tour guide, and presents at conventions and is a trainer for MGM resorts, in Detroit and Las Vegas, training members of management about the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. Gina also works as a narrator in the convention circuit, and is an experienced Standardized Patient roleplay Actor, Gina is a regular actor/coach in ongoing Virtual and in-person Leadership sessions. Learn more →

Frank Lawson

Frank has performed in the US and internationally, starring in musicals. In NYC, Frank worked as a Mentor/Coach, helping young adults develop leadership abilities through the Arts, focusing on communication and conflict resolution skills. As Market Manager for advertising and branding companies, he trained and supervised teams of brand ambassadors and coaching were integral parts of the training process. He is a key member of Peers and Players in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Learn more →

Nathaniel Scotcher

As an actor he has appeared in many productions for stage, television and film. He has years of experience in assessment centres for financial planners, developing skills in relationship building, influencing and communication. Along with his extensive list of roleplay and coaching clients, he delivers sexual harassment and bullying workshops, contact officer training and mediation in the workplace sessions all over Australia to public and private organizations. Learn more →

Building Rapport

Everyone is busy at work, getting results, getting s**t done, right? So how do we build rapport and earn trust from the people we interact with at work? And how do we know when we have it? Here are some tips for improving working relationships.

Leading By Example

There’s plenty of good leadership advice out there, such as being a good listener and being persistent. However, if you can get stuff done, share the praise/blame, trust, and stay positive, you’ll go a long way towards not just being a good leader, but being an inspiring leader with a devoted team.


BA Communications Writing Film, BA Theatre, Drama Centre London Cert IV Training Assessment. Highly regarded by Clients as a Role Player, Facilitator and Trainer. She founded Talking Brief; Persuasive Communication for Lawyers. Clients include: VIC, NSW, QLD Bar Associations, VIC Legal Aid, NSW Crown Solicitors, presenting at: International Advocacy Teachers Conference, Italy, CLEAA Conference Sydney,…

challenging personality

There’s One in Every Crowd!

Have you ever felt that one team member is obstructing your ability to achieve goals? I think most managers have experienced the frustration of one person who gets in the way of teamwork! Every group seems to have one person that can be described as having a challenging personality.