E-learning Videos

Challenges Addressed

Unprofessional looking videos don’t impart the message effectively. Non-actors and ‘experts’ can be well meaning and well informed but without the skills and structure to make their
expertise engaging, the message can be lost in translation.

From concept to completion | Custom length


Suited to your style and needs

Within the Peers and Players group, we have a diverse range of actors, and writers, directors,
editors, make up, costume designers and crew. We also have close affiliates in film production who we recommend and work with to bring your e-learning videos from concept to completion.

Our actors have been involved in hundreds of corporate training videos and DVDs. Acting
naturally and presenting to the camera are skills that take training and experience. Whether
your material is to be learned and delivered from a script, read from a teleprompter, or in response to interviewer questions, our people will wow your learners in e-learning videos.


Learn at your own pace and time

Learners receive information at their own pace and time, with the opportunity to pause, reflect,
replay, and learn in a way which is best suited to their learning style.

Productions we have
contributed to include the KPMG Sexual Harassment DVD, NAB Training DVD’s, Australian
Public Service Product Launch DVD and more.

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