Learn to communicate skillfully at work.

Most training leaves people with a bunch of theories which don't stick! Practicing effective communication skills with transformative coaching leads to team happiness and productivity.

Trainers have relied on us to support experiential learning globally since 1998.

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Our Approach

Drama based training is interactive and lifts theory off the page.

We teach people to communicate effectively at work, with practical coaching, focused on:

Our worldwide team of corporate actors are experts in impact and presence, with business experience and coaching skills.  

The Challenge

Poor communication skills lead to a lack of employee engagement.

Most staff training doesn’t bring lasting change to how people communicate, so they feel disengaged. 

Lack of preparation can lead to confusion, mixed messages and undesirable behavior.

Poor leadership has a trickle down effect: creating a lack of trust and collaboration among team members.

Practicing how to lead with vulnerability and courage creates strong leaders who empower their staff and make their stories matter.


Inspired managers benefit from knowing how to communicate clearly, empowering their teams, face to face or in virtual meetings.

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Benefits of Drama Based Training

Staff Retention

Happier teams make for increased loyalty and commitment. People who feel trusted contribute more.

More Value

Companies that offer comprehensive training programs gain 218% higher income per employee.

Client Satisfaction

Knowing how to understand your clients needs and ‘speak their language’ invites loyalty.

Team Collaboration

Shared experiential learning creates a bond, fostering support and collaboration among team members.

Courageous Staff

When people feel safe to approach difficult situations there is trust and engagement across the business.

Inspired Leaders

Leaders who model honesty and vulnerability create a culture of respect and support.

Explore Our Trainings

In person or virtually, our diverse team of actors will enact challenging scenarios as subordinates, senior managers, partners and customers.

Participants describe their current problematic work place situation, act it out with a corporate actor and receive valuable coaching and peer support.

Mastery of storytelling with physical and vocal skills empowers the presenter while facilitation tools enable the audience to feel understood. 

Virtual interactions are intimate and focused, providing a confidential setting to practice rapport, listening, and influencing skills.

Conference entertainment and learning. Performing case-studies, actors demonstrate ‘ineffective’ vs ‘effective’ behavior with audience interaction.

We can provide part or all of your production; cast actors, shoot, edit and deliver training videos with your message professionally  delivered. 

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