Bring your training sessions to life

Have you found that people aren't acting on their training?
    • Do you have great people with impressive technical skills who don’t easily transition to leadership? In growing businesses, management and leadership skills often don’t keep up with technical and product knowledge.
    • Is giving presentations one of the top fears of your staff? Whether it’s presenting reports, giving client presentations, or just sharing ideas in team meetings, poor presentation skills lose audience interest.
    • Are your leaders lacking skills for providing essential feedback and difficult conversations? Effective managers need to know how to step up for their teams.
    • Do your training models become reality? Learning is most effective when it is experiential.
    • Need professional videos and e-learning modules? Corporate actors demonstrate how non-verbal skills: body language and vocal tone make an impact.

Why do innovative trainers choose Peers and Players?

Sometimes HR and Learning and Development programs need support with their unique business and staff challenges.  We develop people to communicate more effectively at work, giving practical feedback and coaching to enhance personal impact. The focus is improving confidence, learning useful skills and techniques and achieving positive outcomes at work.

Peers and Players has provided professional talent, improv actors and training experts for on-site leadership assessment and training programs globally since 1998. With experience across a range of industries and businesses, our corporate actors and organizational psychologists deliver lasting change. Clients worldwide report consistent training across multiple regions and employee levels. Our clients keep coming back because we offer a superior level of professional training.

How do we get consistent results?

Our team is all professional performers with business and coaching experience. We focus on being the supporting actors and making participants the star. We live and work in your region, bringing cultural sensitivity and avoiding International travel expenses. See where we are, worldwide.

  • Improving Workplace Communication – for happier, more productive staff
  • Empowering people in Presentations – for confidence and impact
  • Practicing listening and closing skills for Sales Professionals – for increased sales results.
  • Giving effective Feedback – to empower and improve performance
  • Demonstrating effective communication for Conferences – to bring your message to life.
  • Acting and directing in e-learning videos – for professional training results


Role Play

Our actor/facilitators will assist in your Assessment and Development Processes by role playing as subordinates, senior managers, partners and clients. Constructive feedback is given in a supportive environment.

Critical Conversations

Participants describe a current problematic work place situation, and enact it with a corporate actor. This is an opportunity to practice new skills and receive instant feedback and coaching to foster effective teamwork.

Presentation Skills

We deliver on-site training suited to your staff – large or small groups, or individuals. Training them in the actors expertise of physical and vocal skills improves personal impact, engages the audience and brings home the message!

Personal Coaching

Whether you have a presentation or role-play to prepare for, a client to impress, a team to manage or you just want some strategies to enhance your personal style, we invite you to hone your skills with a professional coach.

Event Performances

Conference performances are modeled on your specific workplace issues. Actors demonstrate ‘ineffective’ behaviors and invite audience suggestions to improve and show ‘effective’ skills for interactions. Entertaining learning!


Peers and Players can conceptualize, write, cast, shoot, edit and deliver your corporate videos with your message clearly delivered. Our team works efficiently to capture your learning needs for maximum impact with a professional edge.

We have teams around the world.  Let us know your goals and we’ll design a custom training experience.