Meet some of our people in China

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Elva is a pioneer in using improv to applied learning for Chinese language learners.  Elva is a founding member of 芝麻控 Shanghai’s Mandarin language improv performance team. She works in small group coaching, presentation skills development, role-play, team building and communication skills development.  

Elva used improvisational skills and philosophy as a successful sales person in multinational and local Chinese companies and provided a bridge between western and Chinese businesses. 


Lilian has worked in cross-border mergers and acquisitions in Shanghai, with major players from multinational corporations to startups in various industries. She is a professional bilingual actor with Zmack Shanghai and Kaixin Mahua Theatre Group in China.

Lilian is born in the UK and has lived in Singapore, California, Beijing and Shanghai since. She is adaptable and a natural cross-cultural communicator. Her work with Peers and Players includes Role-play, Coaching, Facilitation and Translation services.