Critical Conversations

Most of us have dreaded a conversation we know we just have to have! Avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’, not letting people know where they stand, what’s expected of them, or giving much needed feedback and coaching doesn’t just foster confusion, it can lead to dissatisfaction, disengagement and poor productivity.

Practicing challenging conversations with a skilled actor and coach can give leaders a practical framework, useful skills and the confidence to raise important issues and tackle conversations with compassion and authority.

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Real life case studies are discussed and practiced.

Participants describe their personal upcoming workplace situation, from their own and their counterpart’s point of view. A skilled corporate actor will embody that person. It could be a difficult direct report, disgruntled colleague, intimidating manager or demanding client. Issues to be resolved could include unconscious bias, bullying, breakdowns in teamwork, or any workplace issues.

The participant focuses on effective communication methods; giving feedback, building rapport, active listening, influencing skills or non-verbal communication. Colleagues in the group get involved by giving each other feedback and support.


Useful strategies and practical skills.

Well prepared and experienced in the skills for effective conversations, you and your staff will gain the confidence to tackle challenging situations before they escalate. When people are equipped to face courageous conversations before people become dissatisfied it can lead to happier, more productive and higher achieving teams.

Learning how to prepare, rehearsing what to say, and how to express it can pave the way for collaboration and communication among teams.

Actor/coaches bring objectivity and confidentiality to the process, creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Critical Conversations

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Critical Conversations
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