Corporate Role Play

Most communication skills training contains useful theory, but until team members can feel rapport, empathy and impact, the learning doesn’t stick. Roleplay training brings theory to life!

Practicing challenging conversations; learning to manage difficult team feedback and coaching interactions, becoming adept at serving potential and existing clients makes leaders confident in real-life scenarios.

Collaboration and communication skills are essential to effective teamwork. With interactive learning, in a safe and supportive setting. Professional corporate role-play actors provide supportive and challenging training. Participants report increased confidence and better outcomes in workplace meetings

We provide sessions from 90 minute, 2 -hour or half day sessions, to full day or multiple day programs; in person or virtual. Reach out about our proven services:


Corporate role-play simulates everyday challenging workplace scenarios.

In staff assessment and development programs, our corporate actors role play in a range of written scenarios – for example, as difficult subordinates, managers or senior partners, and challenging clients or customers.

Participants are encouraged to display their mastery of expected skills and methods, and are given constructive, evidence based feedback. We teach empowered leadership skills and give an opportunity to practice.

We’re the only corporate roleplay agency who’s team is global, with an understanding of local culture and languages. Our team will give your staff a consistent and lasting learning experience.


Confident leaders who feel prepared to tackle difficult conversations.

Experience in both acting and business gives corporate role-play actors an understanding of real-life workplace challenges, and a proven ability to provide a realistic, challenging, yet supportive learning environment. 

The actor/coaches, look, sound and act believably, representing your staff and team situations with focussed attention on your core competencies.  We care about supporting participants to perform to their best ability and improve their people skills.

Corporate roleplay training: creating leaders who inspire with empathy and integrity. Team members who understand how to talk about difficult things.

Learn more about why role play training is effective in this video.

Role play Training

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