Are You an Experienced Corporate Actor? Apply below

We accept applications from experienced, professional actor/coaches. Here are 10 skills we expect:

  • Professional acting credits – corporate actors have performed on Stage, TV and/or Film.
  • Real-life business experience –  have worked in finance, tech, retail, education or other industries.
  • Ability to be a supporting actor – give a focused performance for the  learning and development of others.
  • Understanding of human behavior – how vocal awareness and body language can impact others.
  • Experience with giving constructive feedback – how participants made you feel, with specific examples.
  • Knowledge of training models – e.g. GROW, DISC, and/or Personality typing (additional training supplied).
  • Intelligence and memorizing skills – able to digest complex background material for improvised scenarios.
  • Dress and behave credibly in a corporate environment – supply appropriate attire for business scenarios.
  • Stamina – roleplay actors must be able to challenge and support multiple participants consistently.
  • Confidence  encourage participants to feel positive about their strengths and learn useful skills.

Submit Actor Applications Below!

Submit actor applications for consideration if you are a professional actor, have worked in Training and Development, performed Roleplay and have real-life business experience.

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+1 415 485 0505

Australia Office Phone:
+61 2 9969 8818

We respect your privacy and will use this information to contact you regarding your actor applications.