Event Performances

Challenges Addressed

Conferences can be fun, but usually because of the after-hours activities! Learning about new
initiatives, company performance or cultural challenges is necessary but can be onerous, overwhelming, and even boring. A necessary evil punctuated by catering.

Small groups or individual  |  In person or virtual

 30-90min  |  Scripted


Bringing theory to life by enacting your unique development areas

We will work with you to create and perform scenes from your company culture, often enacting
‘a day in the life’ situation. These scenes could demonstrate how company culture or regulations
are affecting staff or ineffective communication in your unique context.

Typically our improv actors perform, and your delegates are invited to discuss in in ‘fishbowl’ style, make suggestions, and direct the scenarios to make them more effective. We can then ‘replay’ the more effective modality.

Scenes can be portrayed comically or more subtlety, encouraging lively conversation from the
learners. Some themes could focus on strategy, teamwork, bullying, harassment, feedback
conversations, recruitment, etc.


Tailoring event performances to suit your message

Here learning is blended with entertainment. Content is brought to life and made memorable by engaging the senses.

Seeing and hearing what needs to be addressed, often with a little humor thrown in, demonstrates what’s not working and provides an opportunity for people to get involved, discuss, and suggest improvements.

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