Meet some of our people in India

Meet some of the team. If you want more examples, please contact us. 

A seasoned corporate coach and specialist in cross-cultural business communication and corporate NLP applications, Annelise uses her theatre experience to simulate workplace challenges She leverages her experience in customer service and HR to facilitate learning through real-time scenarios of making presentations, giving feedback, and handling clients. Annelise has not only trained personnel across a range of industries from equity analysts to scientists and IT professionals, but also in countries like Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. Her clients include HCL Technologies, Amba Research, First Source, Cognizant, HP, ITC Infotech, Hindustan Unilever and CBM Saron to name a few. Annelise has been performing role-play for Peers and Payers and Goldman Sachs and ANZ in India since 2010.


Divya is a multifaceted personality – actor, coach, healer, trainer, engineer. She is a respected member of the theater community with 15+ years and over 20 theater productions to her credit as actor and costume designer.

Divya is an expert roleplayer and facilitator. She considers herself an agent of change and coaches individuals and groups in empathic communication and personal mastery. She is a ICF certified Coach, trained counselor, NLP Master practitioner and founder of

With qualifications in Management, Psychology and Counseling; Rahul is a corporate trainer who uses theater techniques as an integral part of his workshops. Rahul has recently performed roleplay for Peers and Payers and Goldman Sachs in Bangalore and Mumbai. Prior to developing his training business Rahul worked in advertising in Mumbai. Since founding his company he has conducted programmes for over 8000 professionals, using roleplay to deliver invaluable, experiential learning.



Dr. Shirley Hereford is a highly experienced and versatile facilitator with a career that spans three decades in education, corporate learning, and coaching. Her solely owned consultancy offers occupational and behavioral assessments, learning interventions, and customized coaching for professionals. As a certified Birkman consultant and growth coach she has added value at all leadership levels, across geographies and sectors

Dr. Shirley Hereford has been a consultant coach for several global and local players in the field of leadership development and communication strategies. She is an active member of the National Coaching Council of the Women’s Indian Council of Commerce and Industry.