Presentation Skills

Have you ever come away from a presentation feeling confused, disengaged or even bored? 

Did you fluff an important presentation, feeling that your audience didn’t get the pint?

Do you or your staff have a presentation to give, or a  discussion to facilitate?

Does the thought of being in front of people stress you out? You’re not alone! Fear of public speaking affects 75% of us.

Learn how to structure your presentation, how to use Your voice, posture, storytelling to make your message engaging, and tools for how to understand and interact with your audience.

We have helped thousands of people to deliver an authentic and memorable presentation, in team, customer and board level meetings. 

Find out how to hone an upcoming presentation, or empower your staff to step up as leaders in their field: 


Use the 'actors tool box' of storytelling skills with mastery of non-verbal communication.

Our coaches are professionals in the performing arts, and many are award-winning improvisers, directors, presenters, and accredited coaches. We have all felt ‘stage fright’ and have developed tools to turn nerves into excitement! 

Preparing the ‘script’ or content, combined with rehearsal; mastery of physical and vocal skills, takes the fear of public speaking away, leaving presenters who will facilitate discussions, field questions and deliver their message eloquently and powerfully.

The skills we share impact more than just public speaking, they’ll make you the star of your presentation!



Confident presenters who can relate and respond to their learners.

These workshops are experiential, and focus on preparation, storytelling structure and practical
presentation skills. Skills include how to prepare and deliver your message, reveal your authentic voice, have personal impact, use relaxation techniques, vocal and physical variety, and the ability to read your audience.

Our proven storytelling and performance methods, while fun to learn, provide lasting skills which can make presenting yourself and your ideas a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Your presentations will be impactful, educational, and memorable.

Presentation Skills

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Presentation Skills
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