Maria Inés Pintado

A graduate of Escuela Rusa de Actuación en México, Maria studied classical theatre at the London Academy of Performing Arts and workshops at LAMDA and The Actors Centre. Since 2009 she has produced and performed Prendida de las Lámparas, a play about Rosario Castellanos, Dostoyevski, the Demon and the Idiot and Karamazov.

Recently she worked for Peers and Players in Mexico City as role-play actress. Maria uses coaching techniques for clients from business and administrative institutions to develop their communication skills.

Fernando Córdova

Fernando left his law career for acting, studied improvisation with Omar Argentino and was part of the Mexican League of Improvisation. Fernando performed and starred in The Winter Pageant Spectacle in Chicago produced by The Redmoon, and recently in the Opera El Pagliacci.

He has implemented his theories, workshops and shows in different countries such as Mexico, Spain, United States, Barcelona, ​​Costa Rica, Brussels and China, among others. In addition to his creative career, Cordova founded Inhala, an organization dedicated to improving organizational environments in the for profit and non-for-profit sectors.

Eduardo Philippe

BA in acting, BA in film at CUEC/UNAM and Postgraduate Diploma in Acting from East 15 Acting School, UK. He has worked as film director in Advertising, and Documentary. Last year he became the Artistic Director of the Company Teatronautas where he produced and directed “Medusa”. While studying in London, he worked at a The Wire, conducting surveys for BBC radio, The National Debt Line, Pharmaceutical companies etc. in the UK, Spain and Latin America. Eduardo performed role-play at Expo Can in Mexico in 2012, and worked as a Drama Teacher.

Jorge Urzua

Industrial engineer and Masters in Fine Arts. Jorge is bilingual and has performed in theatre, commercials, and voice overs. Screen roles include Bordertown and TV appearances in Mexico and USA. As well as working for Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, and Olivetti, he is a public speaking coach, translator and interpreter for Shell, Berlitz, Nestle, LISC and Texaco. As the Manager of the Peers and Players team in Mexico, working with Unilever He is also a director and published writer, with a novel about to be published.