“We so appreciated the professionalism of the actors and how unique of an experience this was for our team. We received positive feedback from them on the session and feel we were successful in equipping our team to handle conversations where they can appropriately communicate our core capabilities with a number of different stakeholders. Thank you to you and your team!”

-Vanessa Costa, COO, Eat Well Global

Eat Well Global

Dynamic training, easy to follow to a high standard, the employees really liked it

VG Project Group

All of our clients have been extremely impressed by the professionalism, consistency and realism of the actors involved. They are always credible in the corporate environment, and we have found them to be reliable, flexible and committed to their work.
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Using role-players supplied by Peers and Players, CDAC assesses future SES leaders from within the APS, providing these EL 2 employees the opportunity to evaluate and identify core leadership capabilities through a series of challenging workplace scenarios.
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Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

Lisa’s team of actors in Singapore are fantastic…They are a pleasure to work with!
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…a great balance of challenging portrayals of the characters, with supportive and practical feedback.
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If you are looking for a unique yet powerful way to approach an organizational issue I can’t more enthusiastically recommend Peers and Players.
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California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.

The actors exceeded expectations in all workshops…reinforced the use of actors and delivered solid return on investing in Peers and Players’ services.
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samsung logo

I have used Peers and Players on a number of occasions and they have consistently provided actors with exceptional acting ability and communication skills. On this occasion the actor was perfect for the client, and delivered a great balance of challenging portrayals of the characters, with supportive and practical feedback.

Jim Houston

The actor was professional, friendly and well-prepared.  I particularly appreciated his arriving early. Lisa was helpful and prompt to reply with all inquiries.

Rubicor Group
Rubicor GroupRubicor Group

The office support from P+P was outstanding, working through a weekend across a multitude of time zones to make the client project possible. We would not hesitate to use P+P again! – Damian Welch

Gallup London

From someone who has worked with a lot of similar organisations, I highly recommend Peers and Players as a market leader. – John Bull

Slatter Training

We highly recommend them to any organisation looking to bring an authenticity to their engagement and communications.


We received excellent feedback from the participants of our leadership program whose role played various people in leadership scenarios with actors.

Sparke Helmore Lawyers

Since 1998 Peers and Players has been providing professional actors to play roles in simulated meetings as part of KPMG’s Learning and Development programmes.
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