“SHL is a global leader in objective assessment and people performance.  Operating in over 40 countries with a global client base of over 5,500.  SHL Australia is a premium player in the HR industry and is extremely selective with organizations they partner with in order to maintain their reputation for outstanding service.  Peers and Players have been our consistent provider of actors to SHL and many of their global and government clients since 1998.

All of our clients have been extremely impressed by the professionalism, consistency and realism of the actors involved.  They are always credible in the corporate environment, and we have found them to be reliable, flexible and committed to their work. They have a thorough understanding of assessment and development processes, and provide a positive and appropriately challenging experience for participants of all levels.

Peers and Players always provides appropriate actors for the individual requirements of our clients, whatever the age, gender and number of actors we request, and we have come to rely on them to partner with us in processes aimed at participants of all levels.”

– Sarah Kearney (Managing Director)