“The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) Career Development Assessment Centre (CDAC) is designed for high performing EL 2 employees who demonstrate genuine potential for fast tracking into the Senior Executive Service (SES). Using role-players supplied by Peers and Players, CDAC assesses future SES leaders from within the APS, providing these EL 2 employees the opportunity to evaluate and identify core leadership capabilities through a series of challenging workplace scenarios.” – APSC

Case Study: Role-players are given a detailed brief for each character containing information about their role, status, the current problematic situation, the context, expected ramifications of their actions and so forth. We perform a variety of roles in a range of set scenarios – from subordinates and managers to politicians, community stakeholders, and more.

An awareness of the key performance indicators, as well as our performance and real life experience, gives us credibility and provides a consistently challenging, yet supportive, learning environment for all participants. Peers and Players are proud to have been supplying the APSC with role-players for more than eighteen years.