Corporate Role Play with Peers and Players

Actors perform roles in a range of pre-prepared scenarios – for example as subordinates, managers, senior partners, clients or customers. Professional role-play actors provide a fair and appropriate challenge for each participant, all of whom will all experience a consistent meeting within a pre-written situation. Although the meetings are improvised according to the participants’ approach, the basic scenarios are consistent between participants, providing an unbiased view of your desired competencies.

We challenge participants to display their mastery of expected skills and methodology, and give them constructive, evidence based feedback. Working in Competency Based Training; using our experience in both acting and business gives us credibility and provides a consistently challenging, yet supportive learning environment for all participants.

Professional role-play actors provide a fair challenge for each participant, so their Assessment and Development exercises are clear and focussed. We provide an appropriately challenging experience, looking, sounding and performing believably and are focussed on supporting participants to perform at their best, with constructive, evidence based feedback.

As a business focussed professional improvisation troupe, we subtly guide participants to demonstrate their style and ability, and still, feel confident about moving on to other Assessment Center exercises.

When giving written or verbal Feedback, we describe our feelings and responses to verbal and non-verbal style of participants, so the feedback can be used alongside the objective view of assessors. We aim to provide constructive learning, using Key Performance Indicators as areas to develop.