Eduardo Philippe

Bachelors of Arts in Acting and Film, PG Diploma. Eduardo has directed, written, and performed in theatre, film and television in the UK and Mexico. Fluent in English and Spanish, he worked at The Wire, conducting surveys for BBC Radio, The National Debt Line and pharmaceutical companies. He was Director at Lux Aeterna Casting for two years, creating training programs for actors. Eduardo recently performed role-play at Expo Can in Mexico and is currently filming ‘La Ultime Muerte’ for Lemon Films. He works with Peers and Players for Unilever in Mexico City.

Jorge Urzua

Industrial engineer and Masters in Fine Arts. Jorge is bilingual and has performed in theatre, commercials, and voice overs. Screen roles include Bordertown and TV appearances in Mexico and USA. As well as working for Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, and Olivetti, he is a public speaking coach, translator and interpreter for Shell, Berlitz, Nestle, LISC and Texaco. As the Manager of the Peers and Players team in Mexico, working with Unilever He is also a director and published writer, with a novel about to be published.