Peers and Players corporate roleplay actors and trainers in India

We love working one-on-one, improving communication skills and personal impact in all areas of work, including:

Roleplay Preparation

Have you thought of preparing for a role-play you have coming up, as part of an Assessment or Recruitment process? We’ll assist by writing an applicable case study, and providing you with an experienced roleplayer. We’ll give feedback on your body language, tone and behaviours in the scenario, and show you useful, easy relaxation and warm-up techniques. The session/s will be tailored to your unique needs.

Public Speaking

An experienced coach can help you with your content: structure, story and message. Examine strategies which make speakers effective, using simple techniques to enhance your personal message. Get comfortable with presenting by rehearsing and getting feedback. Explore how to use your body, mind and spirit to deliver and inspire with your message.

Voice and Body Language Tips and Skills

Want to feel and appear more like a Leader? Confident, self assured and able to present well in any work situation? Our actors, directors and coaches are experts in verbal and non-verbal skills. We’ll share some simple performance strategies with you.


Contact us with your goals, and we will come to you, matching the right trainer to your personal learning style and goals.