Role Play

Our role-play actor/facilitators will assist in your Assessment and Development Processes by being subordinates, senior managers, partners and clients. Constructive feedback is given in a supportive environment.

Critical Conversations

Participants describe a current problematic work place situation, and enact it with a corporate actor. This is an opportunity to practice new skills and receive instant feedback and coaching to foster effective teamwork.

Presentation Skills

We deliver on-site training to your staff – large or small groups, or individuals. Expert training in performance; physical and vocal skills to improve personal impact, engage the audience and rock the message!


Personal Coaching

If you have a presentation or role-play to prepare for, a client to impress, a team to manage or want strategies to enhance your personal style, hone your skills with a professional coach.


Event Performances

Conference performances are modeled on your own workplace issues. Actors can show ‘ineffective’ behaviors and invite audience suggestions to demonstrate ‘effective’ skills. Entertaining learning!


E-Learning Videos

Peers and Players can write, cast, shoot, edit and deliver your corporate videos with your message clearly delivered. Our team works efficiently to capture your staff or customer training to inform and educate.

Professional Corporate Actors are experts in Presentation and Communication Skills.