Role Play

Challenges Addressed

Most training in communication skills is theoretical, and while people understand the concepts of rapport, empathy and impact, the learning doesn’t stick until it is bought off the page and into focus in an interactive experience.

98% of our participants report increased confidence and better outcomes in workplace meetings.

Small groups  |  In person or virtual

 30-90min  |  Scripted or improvised


Adaptable to a variety of workspace scenarios

In staff assessment and development programs, actors role play in a range of written scenarios – for example as difficult subordinates, managers or senior partners, and challenging clients or customers.

Participants are encouraged to display their mastery of expected skills and methodology, and then given constructive, evidence based feedback. 


Constructive learning and actionable feedback

Experience in both acting and business gives corporate actors credibility and provides a challenging, yet supportive learning environment. 

The actor/coaches provide an appropriately challenging experience, looking, sounding and performing believably and focusing on supporting participants to perform to their best ability.

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