Improving Workplace Communication

Our proven drama based training helps employees be confident in challenging presentations and conversations, improving their wellness and motivation.

Empowering professionals worldwide to excel at their leadership skills since 1998.

Our global team of corporate actors are experts in non-verbal communication, and will guide your staff with practice to have more empathy, impact and influence at work.

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Peers and Players?

The Problem

People follow people, not businesses

In growing businesses, strong management and leadership skills are essential for staff retention.

Whether it’s presenting reports, giving client presentations, or sharing ideas in team meetings, poor presentation skills lose impact.

Effective managers need to know how to communicate clearly and empower their teams, face to face or in virtual meetings.

Our Approach

Career changing drama skills

We help people communicate more effectively at work, giving practical feedback and coaching. The focus is on improving confidence, learning useful skills and techniques, and achieving positive outcomes at work.

Our team of corporate actors are experts in non-verbal communication, and will guide your staff with practice  to have more empathy, impact and influence.

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Benefits of Drama Based Training

Higher staff retention

Happier teams make for increased loyalty and commitment.


Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee.

Long-term client satisfaction

Knowing how to understand your clients needs  and ‘speak their language’ makes them come back time and time again.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Shared experiential learning is a bonding experience, fostering support and collaboration among team members.

Courageous Communication

When people feel safe to approach difficult situations there is more trust and empathy across the business.

Empowered Leadership

Leaders who model honesty and vulnerability create a culture of openness, gaining respect and support from their teams.

Explore Our Trainings

Role Play

In person or virtual training, our actors will roleplay as subordinates, senior managers, partners and clients.

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Critical Conversations

Participants describe a current problematic work place situation, and enact it with a corporate actor.

effective executive leaders

Presentation Skills

Train your team in physical and vocal skills to improve personal impact, engage the audience and bring home the message!

Virtual Sessions

Virtual interactions are intimate and focussed, giving participants a safe and confidential environment to improve empathy, listening, and rapport skills.

Event Performances

Actors demonstrate ‘ineffective’ behaviors and invite audience suggestions to improve and show ‘effective’ skills for interactions.

E-Learning Videos

We can write, cast actors, shoot, edit and deliver your corporate videos with your message clearly delivered. 

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