Are you an experienced corporate actor?

Send us your info for consideration if you have worked in the Training and Development field, and have a real-life business and acting experience.

  1. Professional acting experience – corporate actors have Stage, TV and/or Film credits. They are trained in acting and know first-hand how to play various characters in front of an audience.
  2. Real-life credibility in business – demonstrable knowledge of other workplaces, either in finance, tech, retail or other industries. Management or team leadership experience is a plus.
  3. Ability to be a supporting actor – embodying their own performance for the sake of the learning and development of participants, allowing others to shine.
  4. Understanding of human behavior – ability to use non-verbal skills and understand how and why vocal and physical awareness can impact others.
  5. Experience with giving constructive feedback – noting and explaining how participants made them feel during simulated meetings, with specific examples.
  6. Knowledge of training models – training in GROW, DISC, and/or Personality typing is a plus (training may also be supplied on a job-by-job basis).
  7. Intelligence and good memorizing skill – able to digest often complex background material and use salient facts in improvised scenarios.
  8. Dress and behave credibly in a corporate environment – corporate actors must own appropriate attire for high-level business meetings.
  9. Stamina – role-players often perform the same role multiple times in a session and must be able to challenge and support participants consistently.
  10. Confidence – Be credible in high level role-plays and leave participants with useful skills and feeling positive about their strengths.