‘With 300 partners and 4,000 people delivering services from 14 offices, KPMG is a leading provider of Audit, Tax and Advisory services in Australia. In several of our Learning & Development programs, KPMG uses professional actors from Peers and Players to play roles in simulated meetings. Peers and Players has been involved with KPMG since 1998 and we draw on a pool of about 15 actors for the various programs. In each program and for each role the actors have a defined brief which provides the character information and outlines the script the actors should follow during the simulated meeting.

KPMG has found that because the actors are well prepared and know their brief well, they are also effective at ad-libbing where appropriate. In addition to acting out the the role, the actors provide feedback to the participants they interact with, and their feedback has been well received by participants. Overall, the involvement of the actors enhances the credibility of the role plays and improves the learning experience for participants.

These L&D programs are among KPMG’s most popular programs and in post course evaluations many participants comment that the inclusion of actors is highly beneficial in creating a ‘real life’ feeling to the exercises’

– Learning and Development, Human resources KPMG

A happy client explains!


The brief: to devise and facilitate Critical Conversations Training to help staff improve their internal meetings.
‘We received excellent feedback from the participants of our leadership program who role played various people in leadership scenarios with actors. For them it was useful to have the opportunity to do the role play with the actors as it meant they took it much more seriously, had a much more authentic experience and therefore were really able to apply what they learnt.’
Kathryn Birkett, Learning and Development Manager Sparke Helmore Lawyers

‘Whitelion has been generously supported by Peers and Players over the past seven years to bring to life our national fundraising event ‘Bail Out’ in NSW, S.A and TAS. Whilst being a very fun and theatrical experience, the Whitelion Bail Out has a serious side to it and that is conveying the importance of the work we do with at risk youth. This is done through storytelling and the portrayal of key characters that are an integral part of the Bail Out event. The Peers and Players actors that we have used for this national event have excelled at portraying key characters and engaging our audiences. We look forward to welcoming back the experienced and highly professional actors as prisoners, wardens, police officers and legal staff at next year’s event and highly recommend them to any organisation looking to bring an authenticity to their engagement and communications.’
Mark Watt, CEO Whitelion

‘We have worked with actor/coaches for a long time in the UK, and had been searching for some time for a quality provider in Australia, when I came across Peers and Players. I have now worked with them twice, and have been extremely impressed with their work. Lisa put a lot of effort into understanding what we were looking for, and the actor/trainers have a great mix of acting and business knowledge, combined with great skill in connecting with the group. From someone who has worked with a lot of similar organisations, I highly recommend Peers and Players as a market leader.’
John Bull, Director Stuart Slatter Training UK

‘We received committed support from 4 actors who took great care to understand our client’s needs and worked to refine and maximise the value of their talents in front of manager audiences. In addition to this, the office support from P+P was outstanding, working through a weekend across a multitude of time zones to make the client project possible. We would not hesitate to use P+P again.’
Damian Welch The Gallup Organisation, London UK

‘We were very impressed with the flexibility, preparation and responsiveness to feedback of the P&P actors for our executive assessment centre. I have run assessment centres for many years and the P&P actors are the best I have seen. Thanks you to Lisa and the team for helping us to deliver a very successful event.’
Leanne Ansell-McBride, CEO Victorian Leadership Development Centre

‘I have worked in partnership with Peers & Players since 1997 on numerous leadership assessment and development events. The corporate actors are of the highest quality and second to none in Australia. I am particularly impressed by their commitment to understanding the organisational context of my clients and the background to the initiatives we are working on. My own credibility as a facilitator rests on the success of the acting by Peers and Players and I have no hesitation in continuing to draw on their services.’
Karen Gillespie, Organisational Psychologist Sense Consulting

‘SHL is a global leader in objective assessment and people performance. We operate in over 40 countries and have a global client base of over 5,500. SHL Australia is a premium player in the HR industry, we operate in all of the major states and we enjoy extremely good relationships with 100s of corporate and government clients. SHL is extremely selective with organizations we partner with and set very high standards of service to compliment our premium brand and service offering. We are delighted to provide an overview of the successful partnership we have had with Peers and Players.
Peers and Players have been our consistent provider of actors since 1998. We work with many global and government clients and many of these have incorporated Peers and Players people into their interventions on SHL’s recommendations. All of our clients have been extremely impressed by the professionalism, consistency and realism of the actors involved. They are always credible in the corporate environment, and we have found them to be reliable, flexible and committed to their work. They have a thorough understanding of assessment and development processes, and provide a positive and appropriately challenging experience for participants of all levels. Peers and Players always provide appropriate actors for the individual requirements of our clients, whatever the age, gender and number of actors we request, and we have come to rely on them to partner with us in processes aimed at participants of all levels. We continue to appreciate our ongoing partnership with Peers and Players are very happy to recommend them.’
– Sarah Kearney, Managing Director SHL Australia

‘Lisa and her team were quickly able to capture the essence of our client’s business objectives and craft a completely unique method of communicating and engaging the audience with their key messages. With a turn around of two weeks from brief to show they succeeded in engaging the audience’s emotions, imagination and intellect and exceeding the communication objectives.’

– Owen Richards, Creative Director Australian Business Theatre

‘Working with Peers & Players on our recent Performance Leader training seminars was a fantastic experience. They took the time to really grasp what our agenda was and helped us via the role-plays and their great insight to meet these objectives. The actors, Brendon and Sarah, were brilliant – capturing the true nature of the scenarios by being the “difficult” employee ! And pushing and challenging each Performance Leader they interacted with. The role-play was a vital part of our training and helped complete the overall session.’

– Annette Clarke, People and Culture Australian Business Theatre

‘Communication with Trent and Lisa was excellent and Trent read exremely well. I would not hesitate to engage Peers and Players again.’

– Jeremy Powys, Project Manager Child Protection Placement & Family Services Branch Department of Human Services, Victoria

‘The actor was professional, friendly and well-prepared.  I particularly appreciated his arriving early.  Lisa was helpful and prompt to reply with all enquiries.’

– Rosie Parkhurst, Registered Psychologist Rubicor Group