Leading By Example

There’s plenty of good leadership advice out there, such as being a good listener and being persistent. However, if you can get stuff done, share the praise/blame, trust, and stay positive, you’ll go a long way towards not just being a good leader, but being an inspiring leader with a devoted team.

challenging personality

There’s One in Every Crowd!

Have you ever felt that one team member is obstructing your ability to achieve goals? I think most managers have experienced the frustration of one person who gets in the way of teamwork! Every group seems to have one person that can be described as having a challenging personality.

Whitelion Actors

We Support

Whitelion Bail Out events raise awareness to help ‘at risk’ youth. They allow people to step into the shoes of convicted youth and spend a night in a correctional facility. We coordinate the actors who bring the nights to life by playing the roles of guards, as well as acting out example scenarios of trials.

successful presentation

4 Tips for a Successful Presentation

If you really want to have an impressive, successful presentation and feel more comfortable in front of your audience, you have more work to do. Yet, how many people give this any real thought? Have you rehearsed and refined the delivery? Read these tips on how to deliver a successful presentation.