Bob Werley

A graduate of the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Bob has worked as a professional actor, acting coach, improv teacher, and corporate role player/trainer for over 20 years.  He is currently working as the head instructor of The Pirates of Tokyo Bay’s Improv University, founded by Tokyo’s only bilingual improv comedy group. He has a large array of theatre, TV, voice, and film credits including Shin Godzilla, The Eternal Zero, and Equals.
Bob also has administrative experience at two US universities and banking experience at 5/3 Banking Corporation in Ohio. Since moving to Japan, he has continued his acting and developed professional coaching and role-playing skills. Recent clients include ITU-AJ and Shinsei Bank. With the Pirates of Tokyo Bay, he has given workshops, with the intention of fostering communication between workers, at The US Embassy Tokyo, Gengo, and Rakuten.

Yui Terada

ui was brought up in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London. Fascinated by theatre from a young age, she joined the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain during her time as a student, and read Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London. After graduating university, Yui returned to Tokyo and received drama training at Bungakuza Theatre Company, where she participated in several national tours as an actress.
Upon leaving Bungakuza, Yui became a freelance actress and interpreter. She began corporate role-playing and interactive drama in 2014, working with individuals at numerous levels within organizations. She has done work based on communication skills, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, leadership training, and feedback skills. Her clients include organizations such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, JATCO, Fidelity, and Adecco. 

Ryo Harada

Bachelor of Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University. After graduating SFSU, Ryo performed in Film, Theatre and Commercials in the US. Since returning to Japan, he has worked as an actor, director and playwright, specializing in theatre for young audiences. Ryo has worked in many international collaborations as an actor, director, facilitator and interpreter.

Ryo works in the corporate field in role play, coaching and facilitating employees. working with like managers and team members at various levels within organizations. Corporate training experience includes Feedback Skills for Deutsche Bank, Feedback skills and Career conversations at Goldman Sachs, Feedback Skills for Smith Group, Career Conversations for Johnson Matthey, Feedback Skills for IBD, Inclusive Leadership/Unconscious Bias Program for UBS and Feedback Skills, Career Conversations and Inclusion Training for Morgan Stanley.

Tania Coke

Tania is a British-born actor, director and communications specialist. She began her career as a management consultant in London and Paris, before transitioning into the world of theatre and performing arts. She has also built up a practice as a mediator in workplace and community conflicts. Now based in Tokyo she gives coaching and workshops on the topics of communication and creativity to organisations such as Yahoo! Japan, Standard Chartered Bank, the International Telecommunication Union, BlackRock and Sophia University.  

Tania works with people at all levels, from students to professors, new hires to CEOs. She is co-director of tarinainanika – a theatre unit specialised in Corporeal Mime (the art of the thinking body). She is also the Japan Connector for the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

Tyuyoshi Kondo

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mie University. Tsuyoshi studied acting at University of Iowa and Neighborhood Playhouse (New York). From 1995, He spent 12 years in New York, where he worked as an actor, translator (English/Japanese), and role-player. As a role- player, he has worked with CSW Global, Bi-Jingo and Price Global in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. Their clients include Morgan Stanley, UBS, Nomura, CITI bank and leading US business schools.

In 2007 he moved to Tokyo and joined a theater company, Seinendan. His acting credits include: (Film) Hospitalite, Bayside Shakedown 3; (TV) Facing the Killer Volcano, Clouds above the hill; (Theater) Revolutionists, Dead Cat Bounce, Trace. He also teaches acting at the film school of Tokyo.